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We, that is managing partner Jonathan Robrecht & Lamine Cheloufi, have been working with various clients ranging from medium sized enterprises to larger corporations over the past years. Thus, we have become experts in offering unique design and branding, website design and development as well as first class project consulting.

About US.

Our services & credo.
Good Kid Interactive Office by Jonathan Robrecht Lamine Cheloufi
Our services
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface/ Experience
  • Identity & Branding
  • Motion Design
  • iPhone & iPad Apps
  • Responsive Websites
  • PSD to HTML/ WordPress
  • Project consulting

We are creators (designers + developers) turning great ideas into beautiful products.

Our mission is to make your company and the internet more attractive, because sex sells, right?
Our services.

We are able to deliver pretty much any means of communication you request comprising the use of pixel-perfect designs, audio, video & text. Our team has gathered know how through both self-employment and work placement at several agencies at several positions such as lead UI/UX designers, copyrighters, project managers and more. Take a look at a few of our chosen references to get an idea of what we have done in the past and imagine what we can create together in the future.

Our credo.

We have a set of values / beliefs and responsibilities we adhere at any given point of time during the project realisation. It consists of five simple, yet honest statements:
1. Be trustful. A hand shake means something.
2. All obligations will be met on a timely basis.
3. Communications will be clear and honest.
4. Nothing will be wasted. Everything will be valued.
5. We'll have fun working together

Working like beasts to deliver every project on time and on budget.
Who is GOOD KID?

Building remarkable products is at the heart of our work ethic.
Jonathan Robrecht, Black and Purple Clothing, Good Kid, Good Kid Interactive, Designer, Robrecht & Cheloufi GbR
Good Kid #1: Jonathan Robrecht
Managing partner responsible for:
Design & Technical Implementation

Jonathan - Jonny - has been lead designer (award winning) and technical supervisor at various agencies. His eye for perfection, concise and pixel perfect designs combined with his technical know-how in the areas of web and mobile development are values which are highly appreciated by our customers.

Lamine Cheloufi, Black and Purple Clothing, Good Kid Interactive, Business, Manager, Robrecht & Cheloufi GbR
Good Kid #2: Lamine Cheloufi
Managing partner responsible for:
Project Management & Business Venture Development

Lamine has worked at several companies including Sony Mobile, Lufthansa, Saint Elmo's, mainly as project manager in the areas of online marketing and e-commerce. Lamine has graduated Master of Science in Management and Information Technology at the University of St. Andrews and has been self-employed alongside his studies for the past years.

Our side project, more precisely, passion.

Black and Purple Clothing

Our own - Premium Streetwear Clothing - Brand.

Black and Purple is a clothing brand inspired by hip-hop and based out of Berlin. Started in January 2013, the brand represents two friends coming together to embark on a project together to share their love for design, music and lifestyle. Black and Purple doesn’t just stand for another clothing brand on the market, but symbolizes today’s youth in its true entirety. Exciting, alternative, the brand’s designs are inspired by music and aim to tribute to their creators. Motivated and driven, it’s a platform where the youth expresses what fashion is and define what it is to become.

  • Black and Purple Clothing Screen
  • Black and Purple Clothing Screen by Good Kid Interactive by Robrecht & Cheloufi GbR
  • Black and Purple Clothing Screen by Good Kid Interactive by Robrecht & Cheloufi GbR
Selected Portfolio

Rather than displaying all of our work we would like to concentrate your attention on selected projects which has received great feedback from clients/ institutions and end-consumers.
  • Social TV Interface Design
    This handy second screen user interface lets you comment on LiveTV in real time. Share & discuss your thoughts with your friends or a community/ social media.
    Good Kid Interactive Design Showcase by Jonathan Robrecht Lamine Cheloufi
  • Mobile recommender system
    for Movies & TV shows
    Put simple, the application generates individual movie recommendations for users based on their predefined preferences, actors, directors & friends recommendations etc.
    Good Kid Interactive Design Showcase by Jonathan Robrecht Lamine Cheloufi
  • Hanseatic Site Management
    We have designed a minimalistic and flat user interface design for HSM. The website is build on a 12 grid system making it responsive and accessible to all devices (desktop & mobile).
    Good Kid Interactive Design Showcase by Jonathan Robrecht Lamine Cheloufi
  • Ziel Boyenstrasse
    Designing a trendy parallax website for a design centered company has been rewarding for us. Thus we have focused on delivering a great UI/ UX, not distracting potential buyers from the stunning beauty of the apartment complex.
    Good Kid Interactive Design Showcase by Jonathan Robrecht Lamine Cheloufi

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